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failed to parse url

fedora failed to load module nv

interface.mpq download

failed to write xpti manifest

gdb failed to set controlling terminal inappropriate ioctl for device

cabal failed to connect to server fix

failure to get player information from the server pokemon go

error failed to retrieve repodata primary xml gz from rhel x86_64 server 6

failed to start because framedyn.dll

failed to access exchange ole db provider exoledb

failed to load extension com.apple.driver.appleacpiplatform

nfs4 error: nfs4err_stale solaris

wpa_supplicant conf example

rsync error: error in ipc code (code 14)

windows 10 "failed to create empty document"

failed to open audio input device ableton

failed to create key software

msiinstaller failed to connect to server. error: 0x800401f0

failed to retrieve the azman scope

failed to initialize hal device

failed to start server minecraft

installation of product savxp failed

failed to read value from nvram

failed to allocate memory android

failed to initialize direct3d tomb raider

failed to add sas raid module

bea-101216 servlet action failed to preload on startup in web application

failed to create empty document flashget

failed to connect to socket /tmp/dbus connection refused

failed to load application lmw3svc3root

php warning file_get_contents failed to open stream

failed to open stream: permission denied laravel

failed to load resource server responded with a status of 404

vmkfstools failed to lock the file 16392

failed to install psfsip

the page failed to load windows 7 system properties

ssis failed to acquire connection connection may not be configured correctly

failed to export desel table

process launch failed failed to get the task for process xcode 8

failed to lookup datadiscovery services

failed to launch scan component sccm

event id 4427 msdtc

failed to query spn registration on dc netdiag

failed to create d3d device cs go windows 10

wucltui.dll failed to load

failed to set up graphics system football manager 2009

failed to create sdl window cs

failed to mount usr solaris

qstarz product key

warning include() failed opening for inclusion

failed to read firewall configuration windows xp

fatal: unable to produce a script file java.io.ioexception: failed to create a temp file on

speakers failed to play test tone windows 10

failed to acquire the pool semaphore stricttimeout=-1

failed to create createsurface m_pddsvideo_d1

failed to load the internet connection wizard help component

nhibernate eager load collection

[email protected]:1.service: control process exited, code=exited status=2

failed to retrieve share list from server no such file or directory

failed to hide desktop

acronis failed to create volume snapshot 0x70021

sage one failed to authenticate with sso

failed to load output plugin alsa trying defaults

failed to execute default web browser xubuntu

reason 442 failed to enable virtual adapter windows 10

ubuntu update failed to download repository information

poppler-glib ubuntu

failed to open address book palm

failed to estimate the remote timestamp

failed to load mof aspnet mof

imp-00002 failed to open expdat.dmp for read

unetlab add dynamips

ora-27029: skgfrtrv: sbtrestore returned error

failed to query tcp/ip settings of the connection. cannot proceed

failed to create directx device windows 7

warning move_uploaded_file function move uploaded file unable to move

failed to find streaming level object associated with

failed to connect to ftp server wordpress 3.5

the application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135)

failed to get a framemaker document from

failed to validate certificate application will not be executed

activemq disable jmx

msvcrt10.dll download

failed to initialize shared library libflashplayer so

failed to load film strip bitmaps

failed to evaluate table db2diag

failed to open vg special file

failed to open midi support library reason lion

failed to obtain a session id. not ok

the vrde server port value is not currently specified

failed to read from database dbname

failed to get jtag daisy chain settings

steam failed to contact key server fix

warning failed to move file joomla

require_once failed to open stream no such file or directory

tns-03505 failed to resolve name in oracle 12c

failed to on board in slot 1 copy aborted

failed to generate a user instance of sql server visual studio 2008

failed to load processor trac

failed to export the pdf file indesign cc

failed to initialize the nvidia kernel module. please see the

hyper-v virtual machine management service account does not have permission to open attachment

failed to update the system registry inpage 2009

failed to connect status 1 unspecified failure

failed to connect drop in cpu database

failed to playback midi via sequencer

carbon datetime::__construct(): failed to parse time string

failed to open registry key for blat profile using default

failed to insert sms program id

failed to start monitoring changes to because access is denied

starting openvpn failed centos 6

failed to initialize 00100100

failed to update committed transaction in sql event id 10027

wlan0 failed to initialize driver interface

failed to load extension org tgwbd

missing vstor2 driver or not started

kali linux reaver warning failed to associate with

failed to open module module-esound-protocol-tcp file not found

the system is unable to alloc ap entry in database

failed to load script taps.aef

failed to spawn discoverer session

steam_api.dll download free

connector attribute sslcertificatefile must be defined when using ssl with apr

failed to retrieve account information picasa

log4j:error failed to flush writer, java.io.ioexception: no space left on device

failed to lazily initialize a collection of role no session

gtk-message: failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module" centos

failed to prepare partial iu adt

failed to configure ipv4 interface(s) e1000g0

failed to initialize the correlation property name namespace from message

failed to run initdb 1

failed to update the system registry please try using regedit windows 7

failed to load steam api .dll

the process account used to run asp.net must have read access to the iis metabase

mapiexceptionunexpectedmailboxstate: unable to delete mailbox. (hr=0x80004005, ec=2634)

ubuntu failed to download repository information check your internet connection

failed to load fbdev gentoo

the peer is not responding to phase 1 isakmp requests sonicwall vpn

build step failed with exception org.codehaus.cargo.container.containerexception: failed to redeploy

sharp aquos failed to receive broadcast

failed to open date book database

failed to add entry for user smbpasswd centos

failed to unregistering spuninst exe

ubuntu 14.04 failed to download package files

failed to send smtp 80000001

skyrim failed to initialize renderer unknown error creating the renderer

php fatal error soap-error parsing wsdl couldn't load from failed to load external entity

failed to open config file

failed to unmap

failed to publish dwf file

instantiation failed for module "sql"

failed to start recording blackberry

failed to load/ parser last inventory state

failed to enter programming mode got 0xc0

ddos attack

failed to register sharepoint services configuration wizard 2013

warning mail() function.mail failed to connect to mailserver at localhost port 25 verify your smtp

ohasd failed to start at /u01/app/11.2.0/grid/crs/install/rootcrs.pl line 443

c# datatable disable constraints

windows error recovery windows 7 failed to start

jax ws wsdl location

how to fix cydia error http 1.1 404 not found

virtuawin hotkeys not working

failed to set entityresolver on documentbuilder

mercurial hgrc

hyper-v virtual machine will not start

citrix xenapp failed to connect to the datastore. odbc error while connecting to the database

the dependency service or group failed to start windows 7

repair wmi windows 7

failed to create the spam engine while processing message

failed to load module auxiliary

failed to verify asdm file hash

failed to change state hyper v 2012

failed to find directx 9.0

wpa_supplicant failed to initiate sched scan

install tslint globally

download nspr4.dll windows 7 64 bits

failed to backup website http localhost

php copy failed to open stream no such file or directory

failed to create dbus proxy totem

virtual machine failed to start hyper v

getimagesize failed to open stream wordpress

an error has occurred with a result code of 4305 failed to load auskey applet

failed to request mic1 detect irq

failed to create tv window htv

tekkit server failed to bind to port hamachi

failed to authenticate on invite to asterisk

action start failed apache ubuntu

failed to create com object `word.application': server execution failed

failed to connect to server. error: 0x80070005 msiinstaller

libsldap: status: 81 mesg: openconnection: simple bind failed - can't contact ldap server

failed to create phonebook entry tata photon

logon user interface dll ralinkgina.dll failed to load

failed to write core dump. minidumps are not enabled by default on client versions of windows 10

failed to lock the file vmdk

application error failed to find steam jade empire

partedutil failed with message can't have a partition outside the disk

failed to execute mpeg2enc

prct 1011 failed to run getcrshome

mbsa 2.3 failed to download security update databases

this document failed to print windows 7

acronis failed to read from sector clone

failed to start service jboss.web.connector.https

rsync failed to exec ssh no such file or directory (2) windows

failed to create spool file varspooleximinput


failed to open flint version file for reading

failed to resolve artifact

failed to resolve etguidauth evenbalance

failed to initialize inter-processor timestamp

failed to initialize the appdomain access is denied

mysql respawning too fast, stopped

failed to parse query elasticsearch

chroot failed to run command /bin/sh no such file or directory

pokemon go failed to get game data from the server

ripit4me download

failed to install tomcat service jvm.dll

invalid raster dataset. failed to create raster layer

failed to authenticate device freepbx

error heartbeating to 7182 failed

simple mail transfer server

failed to open the connection crystal reports c#

failed to write msg to callback mailslot

failed to open a connection to the database visual studio

failed to initialize storage module user (path /var/lib/php/sessions)

failed to find available token for assignment

error 651

adobe installer failed to initialize mac

soapui error loading wsdl failed to load url https

failed to start game (missing executable) steam

lyx2lyx failed to convert

failed to perform required operations on the cluster nodes

failed to load dataset object reference

failed to init application object code 3

failed to flash code 512

failed to find the registermodule entrypoint

failed to initialize player steam

failed to set serviceprincipalnames. please ensure that

failed to read sp data 7210

failed to connect to endpoint of type hp-alm

failed to add language monitor. (11)

zero sized reply squid

failed to load control windows media player

ws_config_parser: configparserparse: failed to parse the config file

failed to obtain valid clsid for server kepware

failed to read description. error code 2 services

failed to load mbeanserverbuilder class

failed to find any wsit configuration file

internal error failed to expand shell folder constant userdocs

failed to perform redirection of folder my documents

failed to subscribe to

grub install failed to get canonical path of airootfs

ufsswapdir openlog failed to open swap log pfsense

failed to open uix86.dll for writing

failed to set serviceprincipalnames net ads

failed to take snapshot of a source volume windows nt

failed to instantiate service implementor for port

failed to load knight online

failed to start try&decide

failed to initialize the service 3f883b87-2208-11d4-b0e7-001083022e04

failed to write headers rc = 7

blat install windows

failed to load keystore type jks with path tomcat 7

service 'msexchangetransport' failed to reach status 'running' on this server exchange 2013

failed to connect to server ragnarok private server

failed to configure dmcl tracing

failed to install and configure assemblies microsoft sqlserver msmqtask dll

unable to connect to cups server localhost:631 - connection refused

failed to open graphics server

the application failed to initialize because the window station is shutting down server 2003

failed to make directory operation not applicable solaris

failed to join domain invalid configuration realm set to should be

[function.fopen]: failed to open stream: no such file or directory in php

gssexception no valid credentials provided (mechanism level failed to find any kerberos credentials)

failed to open the group policy object windows 10

fatal error failed to load steamui.so ubuntu

failed to hide minifeed story fix 2011

device added successfully but failed to connect bluetooth ubuntu

wmi repository is inconsistent

failed to retrieve data for this request sql server 2008

server tomcat v8.0 server at localhost failed to start in eclipse

error 51 cisco vpn windows 10

service squid start failed

failed to load resources from setup file

unity copying file failed

failed to read blob column replication

failed to authorize disc xbox 360 black ops 2

failed to open company in tally 7.2

failed to load module vesa

wsimport with certificate

could not obtain connection to any of these urls: localhost:1099

failed to lazily initialize a collection could not initialize proxy - no session

prvg-2019 check for equivalence of user

failed to load sound nobu.wav

failed to create process default activation context

failed to load the ppm

dvd decrypter

initializeenginegraphics failed

keyboard initialization failed. this could be a missing or incorrect setup of xkeyboard-config.

failed to mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p2

failed to lock /dev/parport0 no such device or address

admt err2:7369

failed to get msftesql indexer

failed to bring up eth0 ubuntu

failed to extract required files from archive diablo 3

failed to boot 4 starting rsd mode photon

xkb couldn t compile keymap

failed to generate offline address book exchange 2007

failed to create d3d device cs go

failed to find office control by id

failed to create new pty - try installing the

failed to initiate ap scan raspberry pi

cannot access secondary gpu - error: [xorg] (ee)

failed to run mogrify

failed to set up passive data socket

failed to launch server application

error during marking checkout directory dirty: java.io.ioexception: unable to move

failed to acquire device lock on scsidev

warning getimagesize failed to open stream

remote communication failed to start kodi

failed to install .apk on device

error: failed to parse returned path.

failed to open config

failed to start up socket within 45000 ms. attempted to connect to the following addresses

failed to create the mailbox of event id 1205

failed to create font texture

failed to authenticate with simcity

asp.net ajax client-side framework failed to load in .net 4

failed to create empty document brightstor arcserve

failed to save the routing and remote access service configuration

an add on for this website failed to run internet explorer 11

c# arraylist sort failed to compare two elements in the array

nmap "dnet: failed to open device ethx"

failed to cogetclassobject for provider ncs2

failed to load application lm w3svc

failed to access the usb subsystem vboxusers

failed to register cms

warning: failed to evaluate installed rule, updateid = {818701af-1182-45c2-bd1e-17068ad171d6}

outlook 2016 failed to register a vbscript dll

failed to update the system registry need permission to add

failed to map bios disk 1

failed to access iis metabase asp net 2.0

vmware failed to create swap file not found

failed to archive test reports hudson.util.ioexception2 failed to read

failed to get next job id block tibco

failed to load resource dll teamviewer

failed to update database because the database is read-only sql

failed to lookup securitydomain jbossmq

failed to receive beamed document

description: failed to open package file "" due to error 0x80070005 "access is denied.

regsvr32 msxml.dll failed to load

failed to create enterprise vault directory database

failed to self register oleaut32.dll

failed to get managed item count for this data source

initializing unavailable# -failed to lazily initialize a collection no session or session was closed

failed to create install registry metadata repository

mqjms2005 failed to create mqqueuemanager for 'localhost

failed to install the hcmon driver windows 10

failed to load kext com.apple.driver.appleps2trackpad

infinite warfare failed to allocate from luitween pool

failed to connect to the callpilot server

failed to start deployable object

android emulator could not allocate 1.0 gb of memory for the current avd configuration

failed to perform web server properties discovery

failed to initialize drawing surfaces. please

failed to start lsb: start samba smb/cifs daemon (smbd).

failed to create a imagesource from the text images medium png

failed to play test tone windows 10

access denied for user 'mythtv'@'localhost' (using password: yes)

setspn -s hyper-v replica service

the service endpoint failed to listen on the uri because access was denied

this document failed to print windows xp

failed to get shell root htc wildfire s

failed to load sbt library libobk.a

failed to make it

xmllint warning: failed to load external entity

failed to open device /dev/symbdsnapctl errno 2

failed to resolve schema nsuri location aop

failed to load module ati module requirement mismatch 0

failed to initialize renderer civ

failed to load clr

failed to load internet connection wizard component

failed to connect to eso servers

failed to deploy application at context path netbeans

module alsa card c failed to find a working profile

failed to mount windows share permission denied ubuntu

failed to lock the file (40003)

homeworld opengl failed to load

chan_sip c handle_response_invite failed to authenticate on invite to

failed to open stream file_get_contents

failed to initialize inband

the exclusive inplace upgrader timer job failed.

ob_end_clean(): failed to delete buffer. no buffer to delete

failed to register dll with perfmon sharepoint

failed to load steamui.dll 2016

nsrsnap_vss_save nsr error 21 exiting with failure

fsockopen() failed to enable crypto codeigniter

failed to bind to port minecraft server

failed to save crawl scope manager changes

failed to copy altiris agent installed service

failed to upgrade sharepoint products 2013

failed to load module msp3400

failed to establish a socket connection with

wlan0 failed to read scan data resource temporarily unavailable

failed to reset d3d9 device dota 2

failed to register msvm exe

failure: module initialization failed

failed to download anti-spam rules

failed to set iopl for i/o ubuntu

failed to cache application d08b

failed to join domain invalid configuration realm set to

failed to connect to host spooler

failed to localize wsimport. parsing wsdl rad

rsync: failed to set permissions on operation not permitted (1)

biztalkassemblyresourcemanager failed to complete end type change request

failed to parse the pkcs#12 blob

docker error creating default bridge network package not installed

failed to load vmmr0.r0 (verr_suplib_world_writable).

warning include open_basedir restriction in effect

failed to start load kernel modules arch

the working copy failed to commit files couldn't communicate with a helper application

failed to build xml document for acl

failed to unregister .srg file

steam failed to start game app already running

failed to autolaunch d-bus session

failed to initialize network interface

steam failed to contact key server offline mode

failed to establish direct connection with host dungeon siege

failed to lazily initialize a collection of role jpa

failed to set locale defaulting to c fedora

failed to start winload.exe

failed to read firewall configuration vista

failed to find the registermodule entrypoint in the module

tp link network status check failed

failed to load map halo reach

dvd decrypter failed to set data for dvddecrypterplaydvdmovieonarrival

failed to serialize the message part using namespace

java.lang.illegalstateexception failed to load applicationcontext spring junit maven

failed to load session ubuntu-2d

failed to build h.264 recompression graph

failed to import horde configuration strict standards

ora-28112 failed to execute policy function error

java.io.ioexception: failed to dynamically deploy this plugin git

cydia failed to fetch ios 9

crystal reports the rowset column could not be found

failed to create pset handle

failed to initialize the app domain

failed to initialize properly 0xc00000fd

failed to install iskernel files windows 10

failed to copy file msvcr71.dll

rsync: chgrp

failed to verify code signature of /private/var/mobile/library/caches/

failed to bind to socket for portmapper

failed to install system.enterpriseservices.dll

failed to create directory vuze android

fopen failed to open stream permission denied windows

port mapping: failed to create port mappings

failed to look up string with key rulesurl keyfile core

kernel module emcp parameter poption changed

file_get_contents failed to open stream invalid argument in

nvrm: rm_init_adapter failed for device bearing minor number 0

dll initialization failed windows xp

failed to load hsapi

failed to authorize right system.login.tty

could not load definitions from resource flextasks tasks it could not be found

midlet download

failed to handle org.jboss.mq.il.uil2.msgs

failed to load database information crystal reports visual studio 2013

failed to load extension org tgwbd driver acpips2nub

the dynamic library rld.dll failed to load sims 4

failed to initialize cdo smart pointer

failed to load 'assets/plugins/vuforiawrapper.dll', expected 64 bit architecture

failed to read wsdl file from url

failed to verify ms dtc service account information. internal information

esi: getresponse: failed to get response: rc = 10

550 failed to open file ftp

failed to detect internet connectivity connect.dll

failed to import media wordpress xml

cannot find device eth0 ubuntu

'failed to set machine kerberos encryption types: insufficient access'

failed to open stream http request failed http/1.1 404 not found in php

no free node id found for ndbd(ndb)

failed to invoke method start for bean

failed to load sound file probably missing from disk/repository gmod

failed to read initial protocol version string

commvault system state backup of component system protected files failed

counterpoint failed to set data for

failed to connect to the existing server farm located at the specified database server

failed to read values in cfprefsplistsource

failed to lock the file (40003) (0x2013)

failed to build vmnet centos 6

failed to open file spr

failed to connect virtual device ethernet0 vmware

failed to start the apache http server. centos 7

failed to send trigger for postonline

failed to detect isa server 2004

failed to set stream format. try specifying a different codec

failed to contact using udp ping

keytool error java.lang.exception failed to establish chain from reply linux

failed to set locale defaulting to c centos 7

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